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Wednesday 5 May 2009

1 have 2 organisers
2 Save the google calendar so everyone has access to it
3 Have different things in the navigation bar like BOT , school calendar
5 Can we have people automatically notified when we put a new post on ?

On wikis we need to
1 Put graphs on
2 password a page
3 keep format of tables and colour
4 make borders darker
5. can we make a template of our wiki so that when new students come it’s easy to set up a new wiki for them.

Different examples for kids to see of good variety of simple to use, we have blue screen background .
All kids are doing a movie . Juniors legend . Seniors videoing action learning project for enviro schools .

Google calendars
So it comes automatically not just to my sign in.
So we can put it on wiki and blog
Can some things repeat each year eg my family birthdays