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Learn how to import a background in kidpix and edit it to form animations.
Create a sideshow using the edited backgrounds before turning the sideshow into a movie.
Learn how to record you voice and add it to a slide to explain how you created it.

Event Photography
Remind yourself of the basic functions of your camera and how to prepare for photographing an event.
Learn what things you need to consider when you are recording an event.
Practice ways to present your photos.

Comic Life
Learn the basics of the Comic Life programme and how to make GREAT visual presentations so easily.
Find out how to change the look of your 'Comics' so that you can create one off posters (and other things)

Xtra Normal
Learn how to turn text into a movie. An easy Web 2.0 tools which will motivate others to write and create exciting animated stories.

Learn to use Voicethread to retell events, create digital stories and even record numeracy strategies. In this session we will teach you how to use the wonderful tools to record your learning.

The use of music is a creative and powerful tool. We will be using garage band to create sound scapes and songs.


Use photostory as a way to add impact to a variety of writing. This is a great way to present speeches.


Become the next Peter Jackson. from simple movies, tv adds to reporting on school events.

Glogster is an exciting Web 2.0 tool that allows you to make unique electronic posters. You can embed images and videos, and create links to other websites. Ideal for presenting project work in an exciting way!

Developing A Safe e-Identity Using Avatars
Come and learn a few tips on how to explore and enjoy using the internet safely.
Create your own web identity.
Learn to design an avatar and learn how to upload it to the web.

When you combine your camera and web 2.0 tool there is so much you can do!
Learn how to use your camera to take close up shots effectively.
Create a sequence to tell a story and learn how to upload this to the web.